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Jordan Attractions


The Middle East’s most easygoing country, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, better known simply as Jordan, Jordan has delighted visitors for centuries with its World Heritage Sites, friendly towns, and inspiring desert landscapes. Today, the nation draws over four million visitors each year to its vast desert landscapes, also Jordan has a tradition of welcoming visitors: camel caravans plied the legendary King’s Highway transporting frankincense in exchange for spices while Nabataean tradesmen, Roman legionnaires, Muslim armies, and zealous Crusaders all passed through the land, leaving behind impressive monuments. These monuments, including Roman amphitheaters, Crusader castles and Christian mosaics, have fascinated subsequent travelers in search of antiquity and the origins of faith. The tradition of hospitality to visitors remains to this day.

One image comes in mind first: the red pillars of famous Petra, an ancient city carved into the desert mountains and a UNESCO World Heritage site. But you might have already guessed it: Jordan got more to offer than Petra … 

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