Yolo Jordan

Special interests

Camel ride in Wadi Rum

Camel Safari

Ride a camel like a true Bedouin as you embark on a journey across the Wadi Rum desert.

What’s in store for you: A traditional camel journey across the desert, a  photo stop in the desert



Helicopter Adventure

Helicopter Adventure
Hop on a helicopter and enjoy a spectacular aerial tour that’s made for the movies!
This experience features:
Sightseeing, and Ariel Photography as one-of-a-kind services in Jordan, with the aim to provide clients with unforgettable experience and quality services with high level of professionalism and standards.

Hot air balloon flight

Take a bird’s eye view of the beautiful scenery of the majestic mountains in Wadi Rum by climbing into a hot air balloon.
Be it an indulgence for yourself or a surprise gift for a loved one, a hot air balloon ride is a unique experience.
Balloon flights typically take place during the early morning hours and last for around one hour for lifetime experience.

Jeep safari in Wadi Rum

It’s hard to find an experience more breathtaking than racing across the desert in the back of a 4X4, watching miles of sand disappear behind you and feeling the cool wind against your face. Make sure to book a tour in late afternoon: There’s nothing quite like seeing the sun go down behind the mountains, casting long dark shadows across the plains.

Petra by night

To visit Petra during daylight is awe-inspiring; to experience it at night by the light of 1,800 candles is truly out-of-this-world! Walk through the Siq to the Treasury (Al-Khazneh) following a candle-lit path and enjoy the haunting music of the Bedouins at the Treasury. Tours start at 8.30pm and finish at 10.00pm every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Allow yourself plenty of time to walk through the Siq

Rum Sky Adventure

Now it is time for you to enjoy the beautiful night skies.
Located in one of the most beautiful parts of Jordan, RumSky allows visitors to enjoy the starry nights of Wadi Rum.
Through the innovation of science, you will be able to get a little closer to the hidden wonders of the Universe. Stars, planets, nebulae, all are within your reach. The activity is three folds: A brief presentation on astronomy, seeing through the largest telescopes in Jordan and naked eye laser aided skygazing show. All guided by professional astronomers.

Turkish bath (Hammam)

A visit to a Hammam, a Turkish bath, is a good way to discover more about the local culture. A Hammam is an Ottoman-style communal bathhouse, highly popular throughout Jordan and the region since Roman times. The baths consist of three main rooms: a Frigidarium, Tepidarium and Calidarium – the cold, warm and hot rooms, respectively. Enjoy a scrub, a massage, and an overall soothing environment for an invigorating experience for both mind and body


diving & snorkeling in the red sea
Due to its ideal water temperatures and shallow waters, The Red Sea is one of the world’s premier locations for diving. Aqaba has multiple dive sites that provide surreal experiences of submerged boats, a tank, and even a Hercules C103 airplane.