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The Cave of the Seven Sleepers

The legend of the ‘seven sleepers’ involves seven Christian boys who were persecuted by the Roman Emperor Trajan, then escaped to a cave and slept there for 309 years. This is one of several locations that claim to be that cave. Inside the main cave – also known as Ahl Al Kahf (Cave of the People) – are eight smaller tombs that are sealed, though one has a hole in it, through which you can see a creepy collection of human bones.


According to the story, there was a group of seven young men who lived in an era of idol worship, around 250AD. These men did not know of one another but what brought them together was their common belief in God, the one God. The majority of scholars say it took place during the period of time between Jesus and Prophet Mohammad. It is said that monotheism in this specific point in time was preached in secret due to an oppressive pagan leader named Decius, a Roman governor under the Roman Emperor, who mandated idol worship.

For fear of persecution or being forced back into idol worship, the young men ran from the city and took refuge in a cave where they intended to stay a short while. It is here that God unfolded upon them a miracle which is now known to be their story. The miracle was that as they lay to sleep, it was decreed by God that they would sleep for three centuries in this cave, their bodies preserved perfectly. Upon waking up, they felt as though they had not been asleep for more than a day. Little did they know, they had been asleep for 309 years: a protection from God to keep them asleep until an era of justice and tolerance was available for them.

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