What is the first thing that strikes your mind when you hear the word “Jordan”? Probably, its splendid ancient architecture, magnificent holy sites and local cuisines.

Discover Jordan in brief 

Located at the heart of the Middle East, Jordan is one of the most preferred destinations for visitors worldwide. This amazing country is home to various archaeological sites, ancient wonders and breathtaking landscapes. From the historical capital of Amman to the enchanting site of Petra, Mount Nebo and the Dead Sea, connecting with the best travel agency in Jordan will allow you to have an unforgettable journey and delve into the immersive culture of this country.

In this blog, get ready to embark on Jordan tours and travel plans, along with extraordinary adventures as we unlock the hidden treasures of this remarkable destination.

Tours in Jordan

Discover the vibrancy of the city

You can begin your journey by visiting Amman, the historical capital city of Jordan that boasts ancient culture. Here, you can consider indulging in various fun activities like exploring the famous Amman Citadel which is located at the highest hill in the city. Then you can explore the ancient architecture of the Roman Theatre, which is still beautifully preserved for various stage performances and cultural shows. Immerse yourself in the magnificent pillars of Umayyad Palace and the Temple of Hercules. Also, you can have free time to walk through the local streets and traditional shops, known as souks and relish the local cuisines of the city.

Explore the spiritual retreat

Start your next destination by visiting Mount Nebo  with our professional guides in Yolo Jordan situated over 2000 feet high and considered one of the holiest places in Jordan. You can discover the breathtaking landscapes that are said to have been gazed at by Moses before his death. As you reach the summit, fall in love with the panoramic views of the Dead Sea, Jordan Valley and the distant hills of Jerusalem. Also, you can have a serene retreat while watching the ancient church adorned with stunning mosaics that date back to the 6th century.

A full day exploring the World Heritage Site

No trip to Jordan is complete without visiting the breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra.  A reputed Jordan travel agency will take you on a walk through the narrow Siq Gorge which is 1km long, and flanked by ancient rock walls. From here, you can visit the iconic Treasury, one of the finest temples that depict the culture of the Nabataea Kingdom. As you wander through Red Rose City, you can explore the local dwellings, ancient tombs, stunning rock formations and much more.

Unleash the Bedouin Traditions

After exploring Petra with Yolo, get ready to be transported to the surreal landscape of Wadi Rum. The place is often referred to as the Valley of the Moon because of the amazing shades of rocky mountains, towing sandstone cliffs and massive /*/stretches of golden sand dunes. As you walk more, immerse yourself in the rich culture of Bedouin tradition and spend the night camping in the charming atmosphere.

Rejuvenate in the healing water

At last, you can end your trip by visiting the lowest point on the earth, the incredible Dead Sea! The Dead Sea is famous for its high salt concentration and therapeutic properties, which allows you to float effortlessly on the surface of the sea. So, you can think of indulging in a fun-filled mud bath and rejuvenating yourself in this mineral-rich water. Also, you can get immersed in the surrounding silence and tranquility of nature, while gazing at the beautiful desert landscapes. 

Planning for the trip?

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