Most visitors base their scuba diving in Jordan out of the ancient port city of Aqaba. This city dates back over 4000 years and, at one time, was the gateway to Egypt, India, Arabia, and China. Surrounded by mountainous deserts, Aqaba is not far from other famous Jordan attractions like the Valley of Wadi Rum and the ancient city of Petra. Thousands of tourists flock here yearly to see these famous archaeological sites. Still, the actual main attraction is the pristine coral reefs found underwater in the well-protected Marine Park’s warm, tropical waters. The 20 named dive sites in Aqaba are mostly easy and relaxing, offering various underwater encounters like coral gardens, pinnacles, and the famous Cedar Pride wreck. Jordan diving conditions are calm, clear, and warm year-round. The best time to dive in Jordan is April to November when air temperatures are milder than the hot summers.

Sea divers passing a tank that got sunk in the Gulf of Aqaba in Jordan

Why Go Scuba Diving In Aqaba?

  • Year-round mild weather: The water temperature in Aqaba is about 26° C in summers and drops to nothing below 20° C in winters.
  • Ease of access: The prominent diving sites in Aqaba can easily be accessed by road. Located not very far off from these sites are a number of hotels & resorts.
  • Massive coral & marine life: The destination is home to 500 species of corals, 1200 species of fish, and over 1000 types of mollusks & other crustaceans.
  • Diversity: Both soft and hard corals can be found here. The sites too vary in shape and inhabitants; from slopes to drop-offs and canyons to flat bottoms.
  • Attractions at sea-bed: In addition to beautiful corals, divers will come across a tank and a Lebanese freighter at the bottom of the waters of the Red Sea.


1. Cedar Pride Wreck

One of the most popular sites for scuba diving in Aqaba is actually an artificial reef that came into existence after Cedar Pride – a Lebanese freighter – sunk in the Red Sea in 1985. Diving to witness the shipwreck, lying at a depth of 26 m, is something that divers with all levels of experience can enjoy. Lucky ones might even come across a couple of Giant Napoleon Wrasse or a majestic sea turtle. 
Level: Beginner to Advanced

2. Japanese Garden

This is one of the most interesting dive sites in Aqaba. Not far from the site of the Cedar Pride Wreck lies the Japanese Garden that is known for its picturesque coral. A shallow dive in the waters here offers an opportunity to spot the Little Dragon Fish.
Level: Beginner

3. Black Rock

What makes Black Rock such an amazing site for scuba-diving is the fact that it is located at a private beach club. The corals range from shallow ones too those over 40 m deep. And the Ornate Ghost Pipefish is something to look out for.
Level: Beginner to Advanced

4. Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters diving site is, without a doubt, one of the most popular sites for scuba diving in Aqaba. In addition to the huge coral formations that it boasts of, there is an American army tank lying at the seabed that the divers love exploring. And the Warty Frogfish and other marine animals that are present here only add to the delight of these scuba-divers.
Level: Beginner

5. Paradise

Paradise is one most exciting Aqaba dive sites. Ashraf’s Grotto is another name given to this site. It can be reached by a short boat ride. The wonderful multi-coloured corals and a variety of fish makes it a great spot for underwater photography. Going deeper will bring you to a small wall and a cave which home to several rare marine species.

Level: Beginner to Advanced

6. Blue Coral

Blue Coral is a diving spot near Aqaba that can be reached only from the Tala Bay shore. The marine life has settled around the jetty with delicate coral growth. This spot is also known for its variety in sea creatures that include fish, turtles, sea horses, stingrays, and nudibranchs. 
Level: Beginner to Advanced

7. Kiwi Reef

Kiwi Reef is home to a large variety of marine life. It is known for its wide coral growth. The initially you would see a lot of grass but as you dive deeper the sea unfolds its secrets to you. Stingray, octopus, turtles, and nudibranchs are found here. There are several other sea creatures that you may spot. This is also counted among the best spots for underwater photography. 
Level: Open Water Diver and above

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