What is the first thing that strikes your mind when you hear the word “Jordan”? Probably, its splendid ancient architecture, magnificent holy sites and local cuisines.

Discover Jordan in brief 

Située au cœur du Moyen-Orient, la Jordanie est l'une des destinations préférées des visiteurs du monde entier. Ce pays étonnant abrite divers sites archéologiques, des merveilles anciennes et des paysages à couper le souffle. De la capitale historique d'Amman au site enchanteur de Petra, du mont Nebo et de la mer Morte, en liaison avec le best travel agency in Jordan vous permettra de vivre un voyage inoubliable et de plonger dans la culture immersive de ce pays.

Dans ce blog, préparez-vous à vous lancer Jordan tours and travel plans, ainsi que des aventures extraordinaires alors que nous débloquons les trésors cachés de cette destination remarquable.

Cycling in Jordan: 

Cycling in Jordan is an excellent way to experience the country’s natural beauty, rich history, and warm culture up close. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or a leisurely ride through historical sites, Jordan’s cycling opportunities have something for every enthusiast. Just remember to stay hydrated, respect local customs, and savor the unique moments that only a cycling journey in Jordan can offer.

With Jordan’s ideal weather most of the year, countless Jordanians frequently plan weekend cycling adventures with friends and loved ones where they choose to explore different routes in various areas around Jordan. Many tourists to the kingdom also pre-plan their cycling adventures with trained tour guides in unique areas, such as a two-day route from the historic Nabatean stone city of Petra to the coastal Jordanian city of Aqaba.

Sample of YOLO daily cycling tours: 

Δ Madaba – Cycling to Dead Sea Via Mount Nebo: Transfer to Madaba, the City of the Mosaics. Madaba is the most important Christian centre in Jordan and best known for its Byzantine mosaics. The most important of these is the sixth century mosaic of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, which covers the floor of the Greek Orthodox church of St George. This morning we can marvel at its detail and natural colour.

Today’s ride starts with a 4.3mi (7km) mild ascent up to Mount Nebo, reputedly the burial site of Moses. We take a pitstop at the top for a spectacular view over the valley below. From here it’s a fantastic descent to the shores of the Dead Sea. Parts of this descent are quite steep but support will be at hand and you can take your time. We follow the coast on a smooth, paved surface to Suwaima where we can change and take a float in the waters.

You will need to be in Madaba to start the cycling or we will arrange transportation for you to get you there.
Distance: 14 KM / Time: 3 hours / Dificulty: Moderate / On Road 100%

Δ Madaba Cycling to Mukaweir: 

Within an hour’s drive from Madaba along the picturesque Kings’ Highway, is Mukawir (Machaerus), the hilltop stronghold of Herod the Great. Upon Herod’s death, his son Herod Antipas inherited the fortress and it is from here that he ordered John the Baptist to be beheaded after Salome’s fateful dance of the seven veils. The 1st Century AD Roman-Jewish historian, Josephus, identifies the awe-inspiring site of Machaerus (modern-day Mukawir) as the palace / fort of herod Antipas, who was the Roman-appointed ruler over the region during the life of Jesus Christ. It was here, at this hilltop fortified palace, overlooking the Dead Sea region and the distant hills of Palestine and Israel that herod imprisoned and beheaded John the Baptist after Salome’s fateful dance. “he was beheaded after Salome’s fateful dance” Mathew 14:3-11. Like it’s sister site of Masada on the opposite side of the Dead Sea, Machaerus was also the scene of a Roman siege during the first Jewish revolt against Rome.

you will need to be in Madaba to start the cycling or we will arrange transportation for you to get you there.
Distance: 33 KM / Time: 3-4 hours one way. / Dificulty: Moderate / On Road 100%

Δ Petra cycling Wadi Araba through Little Petra: 

Today’s ride starts from Petra, Enjoy a stunning 25 kilometre descent, dropping around 900 metres on a little-used winding country road through the dry mountains of Wadi Araba into the lush greenery of the Jordan Valley. The views on the way down are stunning! We will get back to Petra Using the Bus. 

you will need to be in Petra to start the cycling or we will arrange transportation for you to get you there.
Distance: 25 KM / Time: 3 hours. / Dificulty: Moderate / On Road 50%, Off Road 50%

Δ Dead Sea Cycling to Wadi Mujib (Siq Trail in Wadi Mujib ) – Back to the Dead Sea: Today’s ride starts from Dead Sea, along the eastern shore of the Dead Sea. The road is mostly flat but here and there we encounter long undulations. The views are very special with the Dead Sea on our right with Israel’s Desert visible on the other side of the Dead Sea, and the colourful hills of Moab, interspersed with clusters of palm trees and oases on our left. we stop at Wadi Mujib, proudly called the ‘Grand Canyon of Jordan’. The spectacular chasm is also significant as the historic boundary between the
ancient Amorites (to the north) and the Moabites (to the south). Moses is believed to have walked through Wadi Mujib, then known as the Arnon Valley. The King’s Highway crosses the wadi’s upper reaches, while its lower reaches fall within the Mujib Biosphere Reserve – normally accessed from the Dead Sea Hwy. 

The Siq Trail is a popular hiking route within the Wadi Mujib Nature Reserve, located along the eastern shore of the Dead Sea. The trail takes you through a narrow, deep gorge, offering a unique and breathtaking experience.
As you start your hike, you’ll be immediately immersed in the natural beauty of Wadi Mujib. Towering sandstone cliffs surround you, creating a dramatic and awe-inspiring landscape. The sunlight filters through the cracks, creating fascinating patterns on the rock walls.
One of the highlights of the Siq Trail is the opportunity to wade through water. The trail follows a riverbed, and at times, you’ll find yourself walking in shallow water. Be prepared to get wet and wear appropriate water shoes or sandals that provide a good grip.

you will need to be in the Dead Sea to start the cycling or we will arrange transportation for you to get you there.
This daily cycling can be done during this period (01. April – 31. October)
Distance: 35 KM / Time: 3-4 hours. / Dificulty: Moderate / On Road 100%

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